Cherry Blossom Viewing (Full Bloom): This weekend will be peak bloom for cherry blossoms in Tokyo, so we can’t imagine you have anything else planned for the weekend. Some of the major festivals are the Sumida Park Festival, where you can take a boat ride along the sakura-lined river, and the Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Festival—it’s quite a vision, but everyone thinks so, so be prepared for crowds. And remember not to leave just because the sun is setting, both festivals have nighttime illuminations, which make everything ethereally more beautiful.

This&That Café Vol. 32 (Mar 31): One of our favorite cheapo-approved events is back! This&That Café in Roppongi puts on a quality night of fun with an eclectic array of art, music, good drinks and good vibes—what’s not to enjoy? For this weekend’s event, friends from the artist collective Dos•ing (Dreaming of Sleeping) have been invited to lend their distinctive insomnia-driven party vibe.

Kanamara “Penis” Festival 2017 (April 2): As legend has it, a young woman plagued with a sharp-toothed demon hiding inside her hoohaa sought out the help of a blacksmith to create a steel penis with which to break the demon’s teeth. With that in mind, let’s celebrate this young woman’s “good fortune” at the Kanamara Matsuri (also known as the “Festival of the Steel Phallus”) with a parade and penis-shaped candy and decorations. Event goes from 10:15 to 16:30 on Sunday (parade at noon).

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Museum of Modern Art – Free Admission Day (April 2): Head to the MOMAT this Sunday and save yourself the 430-yen admission fee. The museum houses mainly Japanese works of the 20th century including a number deemed ‘Important Cultural Properties’ or masterpieces.

Photo by Poncho Equihua used under CC

Paella Festival in Yoyogi Park (April 1-2): If you want to stray from Japanese food for the weekend, this is the festival for you. There will be a number of paella stalls set up in Yoyogi Park, but you can’t go wrong with which one you choose as this event serves as Japan’s preliminaries for the International Paella Competition.

Kangarui Pop-up (April 2): Kangarui, an accessory and interior décor brand based in Nairobi, launches in Tokyo for one day! Come and get some positive safari vibes off the vibrant Kangarui goods on the second floor of Onibus Coffee Nakameguro. Adventure pouches, explorer cushions, some stationary and a special edition Onibus x Kangarui Kenyan coffee will be available just for this day.

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