Cheapo Weekend for Oct 1-2: Hokkaido Comes to Town

Adriana Paradiso
Crab-time at Hokkaido Fest - Yoyogi Park
Crab-time at Hokkaido Fair – Yoyogi Park | Photo by Daniel Rubio used under CC

28th Hokkaido Fair (Sep 29-Oct 2): You need not leave Tokyo to savor all the gastronomical goodies that Hokkaido—Japan’s northernmost prefecture—has to offer (including crab, salmon roe, Hokkaido-style ramen and much more). It’s a four-day food fest at Yoyogi Park with cheapo savings if you get there early. The first 50 orders from each of the 35 vendors will only be 390 yen. Show up too late, and the normal price is 1,000 yen. The festival starts each day at 10am, so be sure to set your alarm.

Firelight Noh (Oct 1): See a free performance of Noh, a live classical Japanese musical drama, at Zozoji Temple. Usually this type of performance is held in a theater, but this one will be held outdoors and illuminated by firelight.

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Oedo Nihonshu Festival (Oct 2): If you’re looking to wet your whistle this weekend, there will be a nihonshu (or simply sake to us non-Japanese speakers) festival just outside of Kanda Station.

Oedo Antique Market (Oct 2):  A cheapo favorite, Japan’s biggest outdoor market in Japan is back at the Tokyo International Forum. It’s a great spot for finding unique souvenirs, decorating your apartment on a shoestring, or even just strolling around outdoors. The market will be canceled in case of rain through, so keep an eye on the forecast.

Museum of Modern Art Tokyo – Free Admission Day (Oct 2):  Head to the MOMAT this Sunday and save yourself the 430  yen admission fee. The collection currently on exhibit includes modern Western works by artists such as Cézanne and Braque, and masterpieces of Japanese oil painting.

Red Spider Lily Festival 2016 (Sep 17-Oct 2): One of the more impressive flower festivals, the Red Spider Lily blankets the Kinchakuda fields in Hidaka, Saitama (just a short jaunt outside of Tokyo).

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