In the blink of an eye, the first month of the year is over. We hope that 2022 has been good to you cheapos so far.

If you made a New Year’s resolution to go out and explore the city, here’s your handy guide to Tokyo February events. We admit that the line-up is pretty thin this month due to Japan’s current quasi-state of emergency. However, the festivities listed below will get you outside and exploring until warmer weather and calmer times allow for safer gatherings.

You can also catch the last of the winter illuminations.

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1. Setsubun (Feb 3)

Setsubun beans - tokyo events february
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Drive out bad luck and evil spirits in your life, and welcome good fortune with Setsubun, a festival during which people throw soybeans while chanting “Out with demons; in with good fortune!”

This year, many major temples and shrines around Tokyo have canceled their Setsubun festivities, and we fear more cancellations are on the horizon. So far events at Zozoji Temple and Mt. Takao are still on (and we’ll update this page if they’re cancelled). While temples and shrines often have celebrities helping to throw beans, as well as other activities lined up, including ritualistic dances, performances, and free food and goodies, we expect to see pared down festivities this year.

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You may also want to check out your local temple or shrine for small-scale Setsubun events.

2. Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival (Jan 29–Feb 20)

Miura Kaigan Kawazu cherry trees - tokyo events february
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Kawazu, an early blooming cherry blossom, is the most common sakura tree in coastal Kanagawa Prefecture and is usually in full bloom by mid to late February. There are several hundred trees on the southern slopes of Mt. Matsuda, and the Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival is still going ahead as planned.

Miura-kaigan also usually hosts a kawazu sakura festival, which was scheduled this year to run from February 5th to March 6th, but has been put off until/if the quasi-state of emergency is lifted. On the road from Miura-kaigan to Komatsugaike Park there are over 1,000 trees with intensely pink blossoms.

3. Plum Blossom Festivals (all month)

Atami plum garden | Photo by Chris Kirkland

The Atami Plum Garden is famous for its early-blossoming plum trees. There are almost 500 tress of ranging varieties and colors, including plum trees over a century old! This year, the event is held from January 9th to March 7th. Opening hours are from 8:30am to 4pm and admission is ¥300 (outside of the festival dates, admission is free).

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Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival is also currently going on ahead as planned, though without the usual performances and cultural events. It’s held February 8th to March 8th and there is no admission fee.

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