Tokyo events for Monday, July 8 to Sunday, July 14, 2024.

This week is overflowing with events and there’s something to catch no matter your preferences: expect dance festivals, lanterns, traditional ceremonies, and fireflies.

Note that Ocean Day on Monday, July 15 means the coasts will be busier than usual, especially as folks try to escape the excruciating heat.

Suggested Activity
Get Tickets To the Samurai Restaurant in Shinjuku (Up to 30% Off)
Experience one of the craziest, most colorful places in Tokyo — the all-new Samurai Restaurant, from the creators of the Robot Restaurant. Get your tickets and sit back for a wild show of lasers, lights, samurai, dancers and other uniquely Japanese weirdness.

Japanese Lights and 100-Step Staircase Exhibition

Enter a world of illumination and explore a unique take on Japan’s culture and artistry at the Japanese Lights and 100-Step Staircase (Wa no Akari × Hyakudan Kaidan) exhibition. This year’s theme is “Enchanting Fairy Tales” — meaning the crafts will take you through some of Japan’s most loved stories.

Miraikan Anniversary Free Admission Day

To celebrate its anniversary, the Museum of Emerging Science and Technology (Miraikan) opens its doors for free on July 9. It has a few different free entry days based on age, but this one is open to everyone.

Nakano Okinawa Chanpuru Festival

The Nakano Chanpuru Festival showcases the best of Okinawan food, culture, and traditions. The main event is the Okinawan Eisa dance — part parade, part dance, and all party. Everything from stalls selling traditional Okinawan food and drink to handicraft workshops.

The Nakaita Heso Festival

Heso is Japanese for belly button, so this festival in Nakaita goes to town with the concept, featuring eisa dancing, belly dancing, and heso odori— belly button dancing.

Sawara Summer Grand Festival

Get ready for the Sawara Grand Festival in Katori, Chiba, one of the three major float festivals in the Kanto region. This vibrant festival features parades of ornately decorated floats, traditional music, and participants dressed in historical costumes.

Tokyo Jewelry Festival Summer

If you’re a magpie who can’t resist unique jewelry, this is the festival for you. Buy, see, and create, at the Tokyo Jewelry Fes this summer. Following three successful trade shows, RX Japan is now selling directly to customers with Tokyo Jewelry Fes.

Setagaya Firefly Festival

Take a chance to see fireflies while walking through a dark, enclosed dome. Be prepared for long lines, and you’ll be asked to keep moving — but it is free to see. If none of that tickles your fancy, head to the nearby Bon Odori at Tenso Shrine.

Enoshima Tenno Festival

Portable shrines get a dunk in the sea at this annual Enoshima festival. A large mikoshi (portable shrine) from Yasaka Shrine is carried across the bridge from Enoshima to Koyuguri Shrine on the mainland. This festival begins at 9:30 a.m. at Enoshima’s Hetsunomiya Shrine.

Inspire Tokyo

This three-day festival held at Yoyogi Park Event Plaza and Yoyogi National Gymnasium promises music, food, art, and fashion. This year, the event is bigger than ever — with more performances and a market filled with over 100 stalls. It is free to enter certain parts of the festival such as the market, Yoyogi Park Event Space, and Yoyogi Park Event Stage.

Suggested Activity
Go Karting with Cosplay through Asakusa & Akihabara (See Skytree)
Don your favourite video game or superhero outfit and drive go-karts through Asakusa and Akihabara — passing Tokyo Skytree! International driving license required.

Mizudome Conch Shell Dance

The Mizudome Dance is one way to stop the rain. Around the rainy season each year, the city of Ota has an unusual and unique traditional ceremony that acts as a prayer to stop the rain.

Yebisu Garden Place Foodies’ Picnic

Relax on the spacious artificial turf area and savor meals from top restaurants at Yebisu Garden Place, home to the famous Yebisu Brewery. Experience culinary delights from popular restaurants at Yebisu Garden Place in a casual, picnic-like atmosphere.

Jiyugaoka Bon Odori Dance Festival

See the beauty of traditional Japanese dance at this massive Bon Odori festival in Jiyugaoka. If you want to join in the dance, you can learn some of the key steps via the practice videos on the official website. 

Mitama Matsuri

30,000 lanterns are strung from towers of metal scaffolding to create a spectacular approach along the promenade leading to Yasukuni Shrine. The festival runs for four days, starting on July 13, and there will be dancing, brass band performances, and more.

Windmill Sunflower Garden

Blue skies, yellow fields, and maybe even a riverboat ride make for the perfect summer at Sakura’s Windmill Sunflower Garden. On top of being able to wander and explore the sunflower fields, guests can also rent bicycles to cycle around the area and take snaps on the photogenic paths or in the shadow of the Dutch-style windmill.

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