Tokyo events for Monday, November 7 to Sunday, November 13, 2022

Predictions say that the autumn leaves for Tokyo (well, Mount Takao) will start getting their brilliant red color from mid-November. So while you’re out enjoying the new foliage, why not drop by some chrysanthemum festivals, markets, or any other of these event.

Farmers and Kids Festa 2022

This event lets parents pass that tricky “Where does food come from?” question onto real farmers, who will hold educational seminars on agriculture for kids. In addition, there will be an array of food options available and various farm animals to befriend.

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Snow Bank Pay it Forward

Ready for snow in Tokyo? A slope of the white stuff and a rail will be set up at Yoyogi Park where you can snowboard and sled. There will also be food, music, and a skateboarding ramp if you’re just not ready for snow to be in your life yet. This event is partnered with Red Cross to raise awareness about becoming a bone marrow donor, hence the “Pay It Forward” part of the name.

Cheese Festa

What better way to celebrate Cheese Day in Japan (Nov 11) than with a cheese-tasting event? EBiS303, an event hall in Ebisu, will host the festa where you can try various domestic and international varieties of the stinky stuff over the weekend. Pre-registration required.

The American Craft Beer Experience 2022

Organized each year by the American Brewers Association, the American Craft Beer Experience is eagerly awaited by Tokyo craft beer aficionados. Along with some of the more famous imported brands, there will be varieties available that have not previously been available in Japan.

Mt. Takao Autumn Leaves Festival

Visit nearby Mt. Takao for the perfect fall day trip. The tree leaves are autumnally clad, plus there will be traditional performances and market stalls throughout the month.

Shinagawa International Film Festival 2022

Following the trend of outdoor cinema festivals (see Shinjuku and Hibiya’s contribution), Shinagawa International Film Festival will show up to 27 short films at Shinagawa Intercity Central Garden for free.


Many of the winter illuminations will start this week and continue on until Christmas (or in some cases, until 2023). Check out our full list here, but the main ones starting this week are: Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination, Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2022, Roppongi Hills Christmas Illumination 2022, and Marunouchi Illumination 2022.

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