Tokyo events for Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19, 2023.

Get a taste of an early Christmas as Santas take over Yoyogi Park, or if cultural experiences are more your thing, then head to the Spanish festival in the same location.

Along with those events, there are even more winter illuminations starting this week.

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Midtown Ice Rink

The ice-skating rink takes over the grass square behind Tokyo Midtown. It is a popular event because of the Midtown Winter Lights right next door — so expect a line.

Fiesta de España

This Spanish festival will feature more than 35 food and drink booths as well as lectures, entertainment, and flamenco. Talks in the past have included seminars on sherry (jerez) and a lecture on the art of Picasso and Goya. Other amusements include music and Spanish arts and crafts.

Tokyo Harvest Festival

This two-day free food festival is jam-packed with authentic Japanese experiences for kids and adults to eat, make, play, learn, and shop. The event is held to promote Japan’s “harvestars” with a unique only-in-Japan harvest festival.

Hachiōji Ginkgo Festival

The ginkgo trees of Hachiōji were planted along the streets when the city expanded during the Showa period. Hachiōji will have a festival to celebrate, including parades, community walks, and stalls.

Kurimoto Furusato Sweet Potato Festival

As the temperatures plunge and winter approaches, Japan’s winter comfort foods start to reappear. Chief among these is the humble sweet potato. Honoring this starchy staple, the residents of Kurimoto will pull thousands of these purple tubers and roast them straight away in one of more than 120 earth ovens.

Tokyo Great Santa Run

Tokyo’s Santa Run sees a parade of Santas make their way around Yoyogi Park and beyond for a children’s charity. There will even be a special appearance from a suitably dressed Rilakuma. Double up the fun and head to Fiesta de España happening at the same time.

Hirosaki Neputa Asakusa Festival

If you want a taste of a traditional Neputa festival without leaving Tokyo, then the Hirosaki Neputa Asakusa Festival is an ideal introduction. Hirosaki Neputa features mainly large fan-shaped floats covered in paper painted with scenes from kabuki tales.

Haiku Experience With Japanese Teachers

This event offers a blend of English and Japanese communication. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or just starting, this is a welcoming space for all. Join the event here.

In the Loop: Spectacular Swap Market

Head down to FabCafe on November 18 for the Spectacular Swap Market — swap clothes, books, craft supplies, and more. Participation in the swap market costs ¥500 and you can book your spot online.

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More winter illuminations

Winter is in the air as a few of Tokyo’s annual illuminations start this week. Look out for:

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