Tokyo events for Monday, April 17 to Sunday, April 23, 2023.

This week, Tokyo celebrates diversity with the much-anticipated LGBTQ Rainbow Parade on Sunday. There are also a number of other events for the flower heads, cat fanatics, and earth lovers in the city.

This season is also perfect weather for spring day trips and snacking on sweet street food where you can find it.

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Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Tokyo Rainbow Pride celebrates Tokyo’s LGBT community. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, anyone can enjoy the parades and events held into Golden Week. These include performances and booths in Yoyogi Park for LGBT-friendly businesses as well as the annual parade on Sunday, April 23. While the festival only lasts for two days (Apr. 22–23), events will continue around Tokyo until May 7.

Cats in Ukiyo-e Exhibition

Throughout history in Japan, there’s always been a fascination with felines, and before the days of viral kitten videos, they had to get creative. This is most likely why cats are one of the most common animals found in ukiyo-e, a style of Japanese woodblock printing that was popular during the Edo period (1603-1868), and are often shown in peculiar or amusing situations.

Nerd Nite Tokyo #48: A Few Things, Somewhere, One at a Time

Do you like TED Talks? Do you want to listen to an intellectual discussion with a glass of wine or a pint of beer? Then head to Nerd Nite Tokyo for your monthly dose of wisdom — and fun! This month, they’ll explore the great diversity of sex among living things, find Earth’s digital twin in an unexpected place, and then be some of the first to learn about a new animated series, born in Egypt and taking on the world.

Nakizumo Crying Baby Festival

Watching sumo wrestlers trying to make babies cry might seem like an odd pastime, but in Asakusa’s Sensoji it’s an age-old tradition. The 400-year-old event takes place at a few different temples and shrines across Japan but this is by far the most popular. There are two competitions: one held at 11:10 a.m. and one at 2:25 p.m. This year, the babies will be held by their parents and not the sumo wrestlers.

Tokyo River Clean-Up

A chance to do something good, meet new people, and have a great day out in Tokyo. Tokyo River Friends organizes regular litter-picking events on the banks of the Arakawa and Edogawa rivers. As well as helping the environment, participants can enjoy a guided eco-walk experience along the riverside, learning about the wildlife on the water’s edge.

Earth Day Tokyo 2023

Enjoy the free art, vibes, and music at this year’s Earth Day Tokyo. This weekend, the events will take place at Miyashita Park in Shibuya. All kinds of environment NPOs and charities you probably didn’t know existed will be recruiting and spreading their word.

BAKUTO Tokyo Beer and Spirits Festival

BAKUTO is an annual beer and spirits event where multiple Tokyo craft beer and spirit makers come together with beer, food, and music. This year, BAKUTO returns to Tennoz on the Boardwalk as part of the Tennoz Canal Festival. This time, 12 beer and spirit makers will gather to offer their signature beverages and food.

Akasaka Antique Market in Ark Hills

A special anniversary addition of Akasaka Antique Market will take place on both Saturday in the evening and Sunday all day. The Ark Hills antique market is much classier compared to some of Tokyo’s usual fairs.

Ongoing flower festivals

Don’t miss these ongoing spring flower festivals. This may be your last chance to see some of this season’s best blossoms.

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