Tokyo events for Monday, January 13 to Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lots of festivals, markets and meet-ups on to get you out of the house this January. Our pick of the week is the 400-year-old Setagaya Boroichi Market.

boroichi market crowds
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Artist Talks: Winter Edition

Artist Talks is an informal gathering of artists to discuss art and ideas. Artists give short talks followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Suggested Activity
Get Tickets To the Samurai Restaurant in Shinjuku [10% OFF]
Experience one of the craziest, most colorful places in Tokyo — the all-new Samurai Restaurant, from the creators of the Robot Restaurant. Get your tickets and sit back for a wild show of lasers, lights, samurai, dancers and other uniquely Japanese weirdness. ...

Tokyo English Book Exchange #17

Meet up with fellow bibliophiles for Tokyo Cheapo’s 17th English Book Exchange. Come with at least one book to swap, then grab a drink and mingle. Who knows what printed treasure you might find!

Boroichi Market I

One of our favorite markets in Tokyo! It only comes around twice a year, but guarantees a fun atmosphere with games, food and drink, a four-century-long history and cheapo deals awaiting you at every stall.

Furusato Festival Tokyo

Travel around Japan under one dome! The Furusato Matsuri offers a smorgasbord of regional cuisines hailing from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa. And don’t miss the chance to catch renowned cultural festivals that will be recreated—like the famous Aomori Nebuta Festival.

Perfect Liars Club Tokyo: New Year Cheer Edition

Perfect Liars Club is the smash-hit US comedy story interrogation show taking Tokyo by storm. Four people tell a story, and three are completely true. But one person is telling you a lie. Listen, laugh, interrogate, vote. Can you spot the liar?

Daikoku Matsuri

The Daikoku Festival features two interesting ceremonies: a ice-cold purification ceremony for coming-of-age participants and a traditional fish-slicing ritual.

January Grand Sumo Tournament

Held every January, this is the first of Japan’s six annual Sumo Tournaments, known as honbasho.

Nuno-Haku in Tokyo

Nuno-Haku is a fair for textiles, crafts and handcrafted items taking place over two weekends.

Earth Garden Winter Festival

A two-day outdoor market at Yoyogi Park where the food, workshops, and products being offered all promote ecological living—so you can feel good about going and also what you bring home. The event square will also have a stream of musical performances spanning both days.

Matsuda Wintersweet Tree Festival

See a stunning display of 20,000 wintersweet trees and their yellow blossoms.

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