Tokyo events for Monday, July 15 to Sunday, July 21, 2019

This week in Tokyo brings many activities—from lantern festivals, cultural events, fireworks, a handmade market, comedy nights and more.

Handmade Japan Festival
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Marine Day Lantern Festival in Odaiba

Over 50,000 candles will be lit and placed in paper lanterns in honor of Marine Day, a Japanese national holiday.

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Kawasaki Daishi Fuurin-Ichi

For a bit of culture and tradition, trek out to this festival of wind chimes in Kawasaki. The pretty little chimes are prized in Japan—and are said to provide a soothing, cool sort of feeling in the stifling heat of summer. We’re not sure we agree, but they sound nice anyway.

AITEN Pub Quiz

A fun quiz night in Shibuya where you can show off your trivia chops, win prizes and support Amnesty International in promoting and protecting human rights.

PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 165

PechaKucha is a guest speaker series event where presenters share their creative passions that cover every possible range of subjects. A uniqe experience every time!

Perfect Liars Club – Birthday Edition

Perfect Liars Club is the smash-hit US comedy story interrogation show taking Tokyo by storm. Four people tell a story, and three are completely true. But one person is telling you a lie. Listen, laugh, interrogate, vote. Can you spot the liar?

Nerd Nite x Stand Up Tokyo: Test Tube

Two of Tokyo’s most popular English-speaking events—Nerd Nite and Stand Up Tokyo—are joining forces to create a new show where they break down science through a comedy lens.

Adachi Fireworks Festival

One of Tokyo’s best known fireworks displays takes place this Saturday along the banks of the Arakawa River. Get there early, grab a spot and enjoy the hour-long show of over 13,000 rockets.

Japan Traditional Culture Festa Vol. 10

A chance to enjoy and learn about Japan’s cultural and gastronomic history with summertime favorites, like taiko drums, mikoshi (portable shrines) parades, street food and more. The festival will also have a yokai (monster/other-worldly) theme.

Brazilian Day Japan 2019

Celebrate Brazilian culture, cuisine and art at this event at Yoyogi Park. There will be samba, capoeira, and musical performances throughout the weekend, plus lots of Brazilian street food, drinks and market stalls.

Handmade in Japan Festival 2019

Pick up some one-of-a-kind items at this festival where over 3,000 makers will be selling their creations. Products range from accessories, to phone cases, interior design items and more.

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Improv Comedy in English & Japanese

Enjoy a night of chuckles at this bilingual improv show put on by the Pirates of Tokyo Bay comedy group.

Ueno Summer Festival

A five-week summer festival around Ueno Park with different events each day, which in the past have included a paper lantern floating festival, an antiques market and an ice sculpture display. The main parade will be held on Saturday, July 20.

Mitama Matsuri

This festival is a sight to behold—30,000 lanterns line the walkway up to Yasukuni Shrine to honor the spirits of the dead.

Oedo Beer Festival 2019 (Summer)

Craft beer festival with free entry (unlike some other beer festivals in Tokyo). There will be a selection of international and domestic beer with glasses starting at ¥300 a pop.

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