Cheapo Weekend for July 14-15: Summer Festivals, Fireworks and Illuminations

Adriana Paradiso

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Brazilian Day Japan 2018

Photo by tata_aka_T used under CC

Celebrate Brazilian culture, cuisine and art at this event at Yoyogi Park. There will be samba, capoeira, and musical performances throughout the weekend, plus lots of Brazilian street food, drinks and market stalls.

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 Brazilian Day Japan 2019

Dates:20th Jul–21st Jul, 2019

Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks

Join the TC gang and fellow cheapos for a drink (or few) and casual mingling on the roof of Ryozan Park. This is our 28th casual meet-up and all are welcome—from readers to travelers to mysterious strangers.

 Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks #28

Dates:13th Jul, 2018

Yokohama Sparkling Twilight

Photo by Ken FUNAKOSHI used under CC

Ready for hanabi, but don’t want to wait a few more weeks for Tokyo’s fireworks season to begin? Then head to Yokohama for the Sparkling Twilight event. Festivities start in the early afternoon with parades and food stalls, but come 7:30pm and the Yokohama skyline will light up with 3,000 fireworks.

 Enoshima Tenno Festival

Dates:14th Jul, 2019

Marine Day Lantern Festival

Photo by Manish Prabhune used under CC

This magnificent festival is held on Marine Day, also known as Ocean Day or Sea Day. This day is a Japanese national holiday and lands on the third Monday in July (although the event takes place over two days this year). Over 50,000 candles will be lit and places in paper lanterns.

 Marine Day Lantern Festival in Odaiba

Dates:Mid Jul, 2019

Mitama Matsuri

free things to do in tokyo
Photo by Takashi Ueki used under CC

This festival is quite a sight—honoring the spirits of the dead with 30,000 lanterns lining the walkway up to Yasukuni Shrine.

 Mitama Matsuri

Dates:13th Jul–16th Jul, 2019

Oedo Beer Festival Summer 2018

Photo by Gregory Lane

Craft beer festival with free entry (unlike most other beer festivals in Tokyo). There will be a selection of international and domestic beer with glasses starting at ¥300 a pop.

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Hong Kong Cheapo

 Oedo Beer Festival 2019 (Summer)

Dates:Mid Jul, 2019

Ueno Summer Festival

Photo by takuma mori used under CC

A five-week summer festival around Ueno Park with different events each day, which in the past have included a paper lantern floating festival, an antiques market and an ice sculpture display. The main parade, however, will be held on July 21.

 Ueno Summer Festival

Dates:Mid Jul
Mid Aug, 2019

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Exhibition and Workshop

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There’s still some time to check out this interactive, umbrella-centric art exhibition at the Design Festa Gallery.

 Mi Casa Es Su Casa Exhibition and Workshop

Dates:16th Jun–15th Jul, 2018

Forest Beer Garden

forest beer garden shinjuku
Photo by Junya Ogura used under CC

Kick back with a cold one in the Outer Garden of Meiji Jingu Shrine.

 Forest Beer Garden

forest beer garden shinjuku
Dates:21st May–23rd Sep, 2019

Takao Beer Mount

Photo by Jean-Marc Bolfing used under CC

Or head a little higher up for a brew with a view.

 Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Dates:15th Jun–15th Oct, 2019

For more top Tokyo events happening this month, see our July recommendations.

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