Tokyo events for Monday, April 15 to Sunday, April 21, 2024.

Spring festivals are on the calendar, along with expos celebrating your favorite alcoholic beverages and food fairs.

Tokyo Pride is flying the rainbow flag across the weekend, with the main event — the parade — taking place on Sunday. There’s also horseback archery, talks, and ongoing spring flower festivals to enjoy.

Suggested Activity
Secrets of Sensōji Temple: Self-Guided Audio Tour
Take a history-packed, self-guided journey of discovery through the small streets and laneways surrounding Sensoji Temple.

Mondo Natural Wine Festival Tokyo

Sample the very best natural wines from around the world at this year’s Mondo Natural Wine Festival. The Mondo spring edition selection includes products from Italy, Spain, Austria, Lebanon, and even Palestines’ only natural winery.

Nerd Nite Tokyo #57: Going Underground

Do you like TED Talks? Do you want to listen to an intellectual discussion with a glass of wine or a pint of beer? Then head to Nerd Nite Tokyo for your monthly dose of wisdom — and fun.

Asakusa Yabusame

This is a chance to watch yabusame, the impressive Japanese martial art of horse-mounted archery (it’s quite difficult to hit a target from a moving horse) in Asakusa. The 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. event is free to view, however, you need to purchase tickets to view the yabusame event from 1 p.m up close.

Earth Day Tokyo

All kinds of environment NPOs and charities you probably didn’t know existed in Tokyo will be recruiting and spreading their word at Earth Day Tokyo. There will also be plenty of eco-friendly businesses selling their products. Or you can just enjoy the free art, vibes, and music.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride

No matter your gender or sexual orientation, anyone can enjoy the parades and events. The parade follows an approximately 3 km route around the Harajuku/Shibuya area. And like any good Pride parade, participants march and ride on floats while dressed in outfits as diverse as the community itself.

Vegan Gourmet Festival Spring

Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival is a food festival dedicated to vegan cuisine and products. It is Japan’s biggest plant-based festival. It is held four times a year across Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kyoto. In Tokyo, it is held both in spring and autumn.

Craft Sake Week

120 sake breweries from across Japan will be serving original sake, some of which are limited edition. The event provides a great opportunity for those to learn more about the sake industry. There will also be 15 different restaurants — including some that are difficult to reserve — bringing signature dishes for you to enjoy alongside your sake.

Tokyo Skytree Taiwan Festival

This year, the festival is collaborating with the famous Ningxia Night Market to bring special dishes including fried squid and scallion oil cake. Taiwanese massages, fortune-telling, and lantern-making will also be happening.

Ongoing flower festivals

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