Tokyo events for Monday, April 29 to Sunday, May 5, 2024.

While many Tokyo residents will escape the city this week — due to the Golden Week holidays — many others will stay to take advantage of the celebrations.

Week-long food and drink festivals, along with culture events and flea markets at Yoyogi Park are on the itinerary. But there are also traditional parades, flower festivals, and (for the Star Wars fans) May the Fourth.

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Shiofune Kannon Temple Azalea Festival

Although a little bit further away from Tokyo than the Nezu Shrine Azalea Festival, this pink celebration includes a large statue of Kannon and the mountain behind Shiofune Temple bursts into color. There will also be firewalking on May 3.

Kurayami Festival

Take your slice of horse racing and archery, shrine jostling, and giant drum performances. The Kurayami Festival is also known as the Darkness Festival because the most important parades take place under the cover of…well… darkness. It takes place mainly in and around the Okunitama Shrine over a period of 7 days.

Star Wars Pop-Up Cafe

May the Fourth be with you! And don’t forget the return of the Fifth, as Tokyo Solamachi hosts a Star Wars pop-up café. Relive scenes from The Mandalorian and the classic trilogies over some themed snacks and sabers. Themed Sith and Jedi drinks pair well with the food — will you be brave enough to challenge Lord Vader’s blackwater cocktail?

Odawara Hōjō Godai Festival

The Odawara Hōjō Godai Festival is a must-see event held annually in Odawara, a city just an hour outside of Tokyo. Almost 2,000 people will parade through the streets of Odawara, emulating the Hōjō lords of the past. There will also be music from brass bands, a mikoshi (portable shrine) procession on May 4 and 5, and a gun show.

Ōme Grand Festival

This traditional festival features twelve giant wheeled floats known as dashi — each representing one of the neighborhoods of the city of Ōme in far western Tokyo. Costumed mannequins ride the dashi, which are pushed and pulled through the streets to the accompaniment of traditional flutes and drums by the residents of the neighborhood they represent.

Kazo Citizens’ Peace Festival

This festival claims to have the biggest koinobori (koi carp streamer) in the world. At 100-meters long, it towers over this humble riverside in Saitama for Children’s Day. The streamer will stay in the sky for 30 minutes each time. There will be drums, music, stage shows, a ceremony, and speeches from the mayor.

Yoyogi Park Flea Market

One of Tokyo’s biggest — and most irregular — flea markets. If it happens to well, happen, while you’re here, you might be lucky enough to find hundreds of vendors, peddling everything from clothes to pottery and other crafts, antiques, and tasty snacks.

Hawarin Bayar Mongolia Spring Festival

Hawarin Bayar are the Mongolian words for Spring Festival. You can expect to see stalls selling traditional Mongolian food, art, and crafts throughout Hikarigaoka Park. On top of that, there is plenty of live entertainment. In previous years, there have been folk dances, traditional instruments, and even live bands playing for the entire weekend.

Kachiya Festival (Samurai Procession)

Festivities include a dedication to the kachiya (victory arrow) and a traditional samurai procession tracing a 2-km route through the neighborhood around Kameido Station and finishing at Katori Shrine. The parade features samurai in battle armor, archers, a brass band and other people in period dress.

Suggested Activity
Official Street Go-Kart in Shibuya
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More Golden Week events

This week is busy. Here’s some more Golden Week activities to try:

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