Tokyo events for Monday, June 5 to Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Traditional festivals are a big part of this weekend. Watch the largest portable shrine in Tokyo being carried in the Torigoe Festival procession, and join in as lions’ heads take center stage over in Tsukiji.

This is also the perfect week to catch the hydrangeas, and luckily, they look beautiful in rain or shine. That’s not all. See what else we have for you this week.

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Tsukiji Lion Dance Festival

The roads will be closed and the whole town of Tsukiji will take to the streets to celebrate the annual Tsukiji Lion Dance Festival at Namiyoke Shrine. What makes this festival different from all the other mikoshi (portable shrine) processions is the giant lion heads that are carried beside the shrines.

International Tokyo Toy Show

The Tokyo Toy Show is Japan’s biggest show for the toy trade. Don’t expect it to be just a stuffy trade show. There will be a stage with entertainment for the kids — including appearances from various characters — as well as a “kid’s park” with toys (of course) and activities.

Torigoe Matsuri

The Torigoe (Torikoe) Festival in June is a big event if only for the main feature: the procession of Torigoe Shrine’s mikoshi (portable shrine) weighing in at 4 tons — the biggest in Tokyo. The streets surrounding the shrine are filled with yatai stalls selling the usual matsuri fare such as chocolate dipped bananas, yakisoba, takoyaki, grilled fish, and copious amounts of beer.

Philippine Expo

Experience a bit of Manila in Japan this June, when the Philippine Expo celebrates the country’s independence with a three-day festival in Ueno Park. There are food stalls, dance performances, traditional arts from Japan and the Philippines, pop, hip-hop and jazz shows.

Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival

Some of the major seasonal festivals during the rainy season are based around the hydrangea flower (called ajisai in Japanese), and Bunkyo puts on one of the best at Hakusan Shrine. Entry is free and there will be a lot of festivities, including a concert, mikoshi (portable shrine) procession, stalls every weekend, free toothbrushes — really — and sketching meetups.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

A festival celebrating all things film, SSFF & Asia will be screening around 200 short films from around the world as they compete in a series of competitions. It’s Japan’s only film festival accredited by the Academy Awards — which means a film here that gets a nod qualifies for an Oscar nomination.

More Tokyo Music: Kev Gray and the Gravy Train, Elliot Cormack

In their weekly showcase, More Than Music brings you the cream of the crop of the Tokyo live music scene. Every Wednesday you can find More Than Music jamming in downtown Tokyo. So if you are a live music lover, you simply can’t miss out on these shows.

Katsushika Iris Festival

Head to Katsushika Ward in Tokyo for the yearly iris festival taking place at Horikiri Shobuen Garden and Mizumoto Park. The Horikiri Shobuen Garden boasts 6,000 iris plants and 200 varieties, while Mizumoto Park is home to 14,000 flowers and 80 varieties.

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