Ueno is a major hub that’s chock full of museums, green spots, and temples.

In this district you’ll find the Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Western Art, among other educational attractions. Plus, Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo are two other popular features of the area. To get from Narita Airport to Ueno, you have the following options.

What are your options for getting from Narita Airport to Ueno?

Narita Airport is about 55 km from Ueno as the crow flies. The best way to make the trip is to take the Keisei Skyliner train. It’s comfortable, convenient, and fast. You can also buy discounted tickets online making the price a very reasonable ¥2,300 one way. Otherwise, the Keisei Main Line is the cheapest option, but much less comfortable.

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TransportComfortConveniencePriceTimeTransferBooking Link
Train – Keisei Skyliner★★★★☆★★★★☆¥2,30040 min. NoBook here
Train – Keisei Main Line★☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆¥1,05080 min.NoNot available
Taxi – Pre-booked shared taxi★★★★☆★★★★☆¥7,000 (per person)60 min. plusNoBook here
Taxi – Pre-booked private★★★★☆★★★★☆From ¥20,000 (per car)~60 min.NoBook with Klook or Viator
Taxi – Regular★★★★☆★★★★☆From ¥25,200 (per car)1 – 2 hours plusNoNot available

Going somewhere else or want more details on the various routes from Narita to Tokyo? Check out our full airport transfer guide. You should also check our list of things to do in Ueno.

Keisei Skyliner: The all-round best option

From ¥2,300
Approximately 40 minutes
Book here

By far the quickest and simplest option is to board the Keisei Skyliner train from Narita Airport (at either of the terminal stations). This will take you right to Keisei Ueno Station, which is a 5- to 10-minute walk from JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Metro Ueno Station. It will take around 40 minutes and cost ¥2,570 one way. However, you can buy a discounted ticket online in advance for ¥2,300.

Keisei Skyliner Express from Narita to Tokyo
The sexy Skyliner. | Photo by iStock.com/amnachphoto

Pro tip: Looking to stash your bags in Ueno? There are coin lockers at Keisei Ueno Station, JR Ueno Station, and Tokyo Metro Ueno Station. Read more about storing luggage in Tokyo here.

Keisei Main Line: The cheapest option

About 80 minutes

If you have time and you’d like to save some yens, you can take the Keisei Main Line train instead. The Limited Express trains will get you to Keisei Ueno Station in about 80 to 90 minutes. To avoid a transfer at Nippori Station, make sure the train you board terminates at Keisei Ueno Station. You’re looking at a total travel cost of just ¥1,050. You’ll have to buy your tickets from a ticket machine or use an IC card because you can’t buy tickets online for this route.

The Keisei Main Line is a regular train, so there are no reserved seats and no luggage storage. It’s also likely to get very crowded during rush hour.

Pro tip: Read our guide to taking the Keisei Line from Narita Airport.

Pre-booked shared taxi: A more affordable taxi option if you’re not in a rush

Approximately ¥7,000 per person
Approximately 60 minutes plus wait time
Book here

If you’ve got heavy baggage a taxi might be your best bet. Pre-booked shared taxis are a good option, as long as you’re not in a hurry. You can book them online for about ¥7,000 per person. Keep in mind that it is a shared taxi, meaning you may have to wait for others to arrive before you can depart. However, they are very convenient as they drop you off directly at your hotel.

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Note: Ueno is in Taito Ward, this is in Tokyo’s 23 wards area that you’ll see listed under drop-off points.

Pre-booked private taxi: The best option for groups and families

From ¥25,000 per car
Approximately 60 minutes
Book here

If you’re traveling in a group, a private taxi is a viable option. Similar to the shared taxi, it will take you directly to your hotel but the key difference is that you won’t have to wait for others to arrive. You can book online in advance, with prices starting at ¥25,000 per car (maximum three passengers). There also are larger capacity vehicles available, but of course the price does go up.

Regular taxi: The expensive option

From ¥25,200 per car
1 to 2 hours and 30 minutes

Not the cheapest option. | Photo by Brostock/iStock Editorial via Getty Images. Getty Images Plus

If for some reason, you’d like to spend more money than necessary you can take a regular taxi. A non-toll road route would cost ¥25,200 and take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can also opt to use toll roads, which would cost ¥33,900 and take a little over 1 hour. Keep in mind that there is also a late night/early morning surcharge.

Regular taxis will take you directly to your hotel and are reliable. But when you compare the cost and convenience to that of pre-booked taxis, they aren’t really worth it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take the Narita Express train to Ueno?

You could take the Narita Express (also known as the N’EX) to Tokyo Station and then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to get to Ueno Station. But in our opinion, it’s not worth it. It’s not cheaper or faster than the other train routes we’ve suggested. The only minor benefit is that you could use your JR Pass to make this journey, however we don’t recommend that either. To get the best value out of your JR Pass you should use it for long distance Shinkansen journeys, not short journeys.

How do I get from Ueno to Narita Airport?

Your options are virtually identical as those above — just flip the arrival and departure points.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change. Last updated in July 2023 by Maria Danuco.

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