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Nihonbashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Market (Oct 19-20): For a little pre-weekend fun, Takarada Ebisu Shrine will be holding its annual fair. Of notable importance is the local specialty bettara-zuke, sweet and salty daikon radish pickles—a must-try for any attendee. But not to worry if that’s not quite your sustenance of choice, there will be about 500 stalls serving all kinds of culinary delights. And some boozy options too.

That's What She Said Dita
Photo by J G Wang

That’s What She Said! Charity Comedy Night (Oct 20): An all-woman run and performed English comedy charity event in Shimokitazawa! Join for drinks, laughs, and the opportunity to help a great cause.

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Experience adrenaline and adventure as you go rafting down the Tama River, Tokyo's longest river! This group tour, which can be enjoyed by anyone of any skill level, allows you to ride through raging rapids and admire some amazing natural surroundings. ...

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival 2017 (Oct 21): Enoshima is hosting its yearly beachfront fireworks display. While summer is usually fireworks season in Japan, with the weather so mild during the fall, it’s the perfect time of year for such an outing.

Journey to the End of the NightMARE – Halloween Edition (Oct 21): Looking for a bit of unconventional fun? How about a zombie version of a game of tag ( plus creative challenges) as you navigate the streets of Tokyo? Participation is free, just pre-register online, then get yourself to Toyama Park Children’s Square in Shinjuku.

Photo by Takashi.M used under CC

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2017 (Oct 21-22): This is your chance to take part in a bona fide Japanese cultural experience. This annual event welcomes both Japanese and foreigners to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony. Don’t speak the language? English ceremonies are held, but get there early to reserve a spot. Entry for adults is only 300 yen and you can only buy tickets day of at the Nodate ticket counter in the garden.

Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2017 (Oct 21-22): If you’ve attempted to eat vegetarian/vegan in Tokyo before, you know how near-impossible it is. But luckily there is the Vegefood Festival in Yoyogi Park serving an all-vegan menu, so you can chow down—worry and meat (byproduct) free!

Nihonbashi-Kyobashi Matsuri (Oct 22): Along Chuo Dori, a main Tokyo artery, you’ll see a florid parade of dancers and performers—around 3000 of them. Go empty-bellied, you’ll want to fill up on the culinary fare from the 60+ yatai stalls.

Design Touch 2015

Design Touch 2017 (Oct 13-Nov 5): Tokyo Midtown is once again holding Design Touch. The main feature is the interactive art installation in the Grass Square, but there’s plenty of art, goods, flower exhibitions and more in the vicinity—and it’s all free.

Photo by ajari used under CC

Cosmos Flower Festival – Free Entry Day  (Oct 22): Autumn at Showa Kinen Park holds a special place in our hearts as fields of picturesque cosmos flowers bloom during the season. Entrance to the park is not usually free (admission is 410 for adults [15+] and 80 yen for children [6-14]), however, there is free entry on October 22nd.

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