Tokyo events for Monday, June 17 to Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Turn off the lights this week and catch a short film or a candle night at an iconic temple in Tokyo.

There are also many flea markets to choose from, as well as a Rilakkuma pop-up café and Taiwan Festival in Ueno Park.

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Candle Night for 1 Million People

As Tokyo Tower turns off its lights, more than 1000 candles will be lit for this poignant annual event. Taking place at Zōjōji Temple on the summer and winter solstice each year, this event calls for all lights to be turned off — including Tokyo Tower — from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Candles of all shapes (incl. vegetables), colors, and sizes will be lit just before.

Taiwan Festival in Ueno Park

Peruse the various sweet and savory food stalls. And don’t leave without trying a Taiwanese favorite: lychee fruit. Many visitors will head straight for the food stalls. You can load up on papaya milk, sweet potato dumplings, roe sausage, and more.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

A festival celebrating all things film, SSFF & Asia will be screening around 200 short films from around the world as they compete in a series of competitions. Created in Japan, the event has become one of the largest film festivals in Asia since beginning in 1999 with six short films. The quality is good and this prestigious event draws good audiences.

Rilakkuma Pop-Up Café

Join Rilakkuma and friends at this adorable pop-up café as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their friend Korilakkuma (the white bear). Everything, from the food to the interior, is inspired by one of the cuddly characters. Souvenirs, such as keyrings, magnets, and mini towels, will also be on sale. 

Takahata Fudōson Hydrangea Festival

Every year the temple grounds of Takahata Fudōson come alive with pinks, purples, and blues for June. The grounds have more than 7500 flowers and hundreds of types. The grounds are a 5-minute walk from Takahatafudō Station on the Keio Line and Tama Urban Monorail.

Mottainai Flea Market

As the name suggests, this little market is all about reducing waste and wastefulness — the perfect antidote to Tokyo’s shop-till-you-drop culture. Mostly private sellers lay out their wares on a tarp for inspection, and bargaining is definitely part of the game. Most of the venues have restaurants and bars around for a well-deserved break after shopping.

Ohi Racecourse Flea Market

One of Tokyo’s biggest and most frequent flea markets, this event takes place over many — if not all — weekends a month. Also known as the Tokyo City Flea Market, it can feature up to 600 (!) vendors on a busy day, making it a great place to hunt for bargains. Most vendors sell used clothes simply laid out in piles on a tarp, but some have fossils, gemstones, Japanese antiques, household goods, or secondhand electronics on offer.

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