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Tokyo events for Monday, January 21 to Sunday, January 27, 2019

Photo by Ruth Hatnup used under CC

Japan Brewers’ Cup 2019

A competition where national breweries battle it out for top hops honor. Besides the judging portion, it’s also a craft beer festival. The ¥500 entry gives you access to over 300 varieties of beer.

Suggested Activity
Shinjuku Nightlife Walking Tour & Golden-Gai Bar Crawl
Sample local cuisine at the best hole-in-the-wall eateries, experience quirky bars in the Golden Gai area and take a stroll (that's all) through the infamous red-light district

Usokae Bullfinch Exchange

The bullfinch figurine exchange is a 200-year-old ritual said to renew your good fortune for the year ahead.

Free Admission Day at National Museum of Western Art

Check out the extensive permanent collection at the Museum of Western Art in Ueno Park. Works includes paintings from the late medieval period through to the 20th century and modern French sculpture.

Discodayo: I Feel L/o/v/e Cold!

A disco party in Shibuya playing the best of 70s disco, 80s boogie, 2000s nu disco, funk, soul, and everything in between.

Daikoku Matsuri

The Daikoku Festival features two interesting ceremonies: a ice-cold purification ceremony for coming-of-age participants and a traditional fish-slicing ritual.

Ekoda Night Bazaar

Some solid family fun to be had at this nighttime market. There will be locals shops selling their wares on the streets, yatai (street food) stalls serving up some sweet and savory treats, lion dances and activities for kids.

Akasaka Antique Market in Ark Hills

A nice market for some sold antique hunting. Peruse the stalls for jewelry, home goods, clothing and much more. There are also food trucks parked if all that shopping leaves you peckish.

Cyber Duchamp

Inspired by the works of French artist Marcel Duchamp, Terai investigates the idea of authorship, ownership, and art production in the digital age in his new series of paintings.

Yeka Haski : “Character a day”

Tokyo-based artist Yeka Haski exhibits her colourful characters at Mograg art gallery.

Midtown Ice Rink

The outdoor ice rink at Tokyo Midtown is up and running for a perfectly winter activity.

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