Tokyo events for Monday, May 13 to Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mark your calendars for Sanja Matsuri—a major Tokyo festival that comes around every other year—taking place this upcoming weekend. The rest of the week doesn’t disappoint either with pub trivia nights, cultural festivals, parades, a design exhibition, free museum days and more.

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Photo by Yoshikazu Takada used under CC

Tokyo English Book Exchange #10

Meet up with fellow bibliophiles for Tokyo Cheapo’s 10th English Book Exchange. Come with at least one book to swap, then grab a drink and mingle. Who knows what printed treasure you might find!

Suggested Activity
Become a Samurai in Tokyo
Who doesn't want to swing a sword and emulate the warriors of feudal Japan? Experience being a samurai for yourself in one of the coolest activities in Tokyo. During your intimate lesson, you’ll get to dress up in a samurai outfit and train with a traditional katana (single-edged samurai sword)!

Sanja Matsuri 2019 (Sanja Festival)

You won’t want to miss the Sanja Matsuri—one of the three great Shinto festivals in Tokyo—which honors the founders of Sensoji Temple. Dancers, geisha, performers, and people carrying mikoshi (portable shrines) will begin their procession from the temple and and throughout the Asakusa neighborhood. Millions of spectators make there way to see the festival—join the crowds or miss out of one of the year’s most magnificent events.

Amnesty International Pub Quiz

A classic night of pub trivia and prizes all while helping out a good cause.

Hope Quiz Night at Hobgoblin

Another pub trivia night in Roppongi. Proceeds go towards helping the neglected poor become self-reliant.

Okinawa Festival

No time and no money to visit Okinawa? No problem! Just head to Yoyogi Park this weekend for the annual festival which showcases the prefecture’s food, culture, music and crafts. Expect lots of performances including Eisa—Okinawa’s unique style of traditional dancing

Perfect Liars Club Tokyo – May Edition

A smash-hit comedy story interrogation show where four people tell an incredible story, but only three of them are true. Listen, laugh, suspect, interrogate—then vote. Are you shrewd enough to spot the liar?

International Museum Day

International Museum Day “encourages public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society”. To celebrate, many museums (big and small) in Tokyo offer free admission.

Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri

This traditional festival hailing from Kagoshima has got it all: a parade with taiko drums, marching troupes, kimono-clad dancers, as well as food stalls.

Tokyo Ukraine Parade

This parade celebrating vyshyvanka (traditional Ukrainian embroidery) returns to Tokiwa Park. All are welcome to participate—even if you don’t have a traditional embroidered clothing, you can wear yellow or blue (representative of the Ukrainian flag).

Design Festa – Spring Edition Vol. 49

This weekend is the 49th installment of Asia’s biggest art event—Design Festa. Expect all things creative, with live performances and a workshop area to boot.

Tokyo Port Festival

The is a yearly event to commemorate the opening of Harumi Port as an international trade port in May 1945. There will be stage performances, a stamp rally, a firefighting display and plenty more—good fun for the whole family!

Suggested Activity
Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Walking Tour
Join this food and walking tour and discover the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Explore the outer market as you sample the area's highest-quality delicacies and finger foods.

Live From The Kitchen Disco Vol. 60: 5th Anniversary Party

A free night of music in an Indian restaurant where cold beer and a friendly crowd is always on the menu.

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