Rooftop terraces offer a perfect place to grab some fresh air away from your Tokyo-sized hotel room. Lift your spirits (and yourself) by sipping on a glass of wine, grabbing a snack, and — only in a city like Tokyo — enjoying panoramic views of iconic landmarks like Tokyo Skytree and Mount Fuji.

We’ve arranged a list of hotels for all budgets and desires; whether you want to use the sky-high terrace for a mid-afternoon snooze or a midnight party.

Hotel SUI Akasaka by ABEST

Hotel SUI Akasaka by ABEST
Photo by Hotel SUI Akasaka by ABEST

Open until 10 p.m. when the weather is clear, Hotel SUI Asakusa’s sky lounge gives you one of the best day and night views of Tokyo. While there are no stand-out sights on the horizon, you’re high enough on the 13th floor to be above unwanted noise and have plenty of multistorey buildings to keep you company. Feel free to bring your own food and drink up and have your own mini-party surrounded by the neon lights.

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Rates start at a reasonable ¥6,600. For booking and more information, see our full review below.

Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi

Photo by Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi

Henn na hotel means “weird hotel” in Japanese, but the rooftop is pretty tame compared to the holographic dinosaur and ninja checking you in. While the top floor only has a few benches, you’ll probably be too preocupied with the incredible night view of Tokyo Skytree to care. This is an exclusive sight for hotel guests, so you won’t have to fight for a glimpse like at the top of the Asakusa Tourist Center.

Don’t get Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi confused with the other “weird” hotel in the area, Henn na Hotel Asakusa; Tawaramachi is the only one with an open-air terrace.

Prices start at around ¥7,600. Find our more information and book here.

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Cake and caffe latte at Nui Hostel
Nui has a first class cafe and bar on the ground floor as well as a quaint rooftop. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Who says hostels can’t have rooftops? The terrace on top of Nui. is only open on sunny days, but when it’s available, it doesn’t hold back incredible views of Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree. The decking is made from repurposed wood and there are plenty of places to lay down. When you’re not on the top of the hostel, you’ll be at the bottom grabbing a cup of their excellent coffee.

Prices start from only around ¥3,700 for a dorm room and ¥9,900 for a private room.

Act Hotel Roppongi

Luxury vibes on the rooftop terrace | Photo by Gregory Lane

Act Hotel Roppongi ‘s rooftop garden is a lively — yet, cozy — spot in the trendy area of Roppongi. Raise a glass of reasonably priced booze from the bar or stop of at the convenience store before heading up. You can also sizzle sausages on a BBQ, dip into a jacuzzi, and take advantage of the all-you-can-drink deals. The downsides are that the hotel isn’t for guests only, so you may have to reserve ahead, plus the enclosed privacy walls means it can get pretty sweaty in the summer months.

Saying that, prices start at a cool ¥7,740 per room per night. Click below for more details and the full review.

Hotel Hillarys Akasaka

The rooftop terrace at Hillarys Akasaka is one of its best features | Photo by Gregory Lane

While only open for breakfast (when the weather is nice), the rooftop at Hotel Hillarys Akasaka lets you dine surrounded by towering Tokyo skyscrapers. It is very spacious and has shade for the hot summer months as well as squishy, comfortable chairs.

Prices start at around ¥10,260. For a full rundown of the hotel, check out our review below.

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The Gate Hotel Ryogoku by HULIC

Now THAT’S a night view | Photo by The Gate Hotel Ryogoku by HULIC

The Gate Hotel chain is known for its jaw-dropping terraces and guest-only lounges in the center of Tokyo. The Gate Hotel Ryogoku by HULIC is no exception. Settled in the sumo district of Ryogoku, the 9th-floor terrace and lounge both offer incredible views of boats passing on the Sumida River and a lit-up Tokyo Skytree. Settle into a snug chair and finish your night by ordering champagne, beer, or one of many cocktails served from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Prices start from around ¥13,000. Book here.

The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULIC

Don’t mind if I spend hours here. | Photo by The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULIC

Another HULIC hotel, The Gate Hotel Tokyo has an impressive 13th-floor Premium Lounge and open-air terrace only for guests. All hotel guests have access in the daytime from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., but from 5 p.m. it’s exclusively for guests staying in The Gate, Luxe, and Canopy rooms. But worry not, there is still the 4th-floor lounge near the reception with equally impressive views of Ginza.

Prices start from around ¥23,000. Please check here for current rates and more information.

Other hotels in the group, such as The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon (from ¥13,000), also offer inviting terraces with great Tokyo cityscapes.

Aloft Tokyo Ginza

How did they get it up there? | Photo by Greg Lane

This hotel has loft in the name, so you know it’s the real deal. Aloft Tokyo Ginza is an artsy design hotel that is cool from head to toe — and that includes the roof. Here you’ll find a vintage Volkswagen van serving hot dogs and other American classics, plenty of cool chairs to lounge around in, and sweeping views of Ginza. Neon lights illuminate the roof at night and add to the chic vibes you’ll find throughout the hotel.

Prices begin at around ¥24,456 a night. See below for the full review and how to book your stay.

Sorano Hotel

Can you believe this is in Tokyo? | Photo by Sorano Hotel

Sorano Hotel is definitely one of the more luxurious options. Located in Tachikawa — famous for the picturesque Showa Kinen Park — this hotel has one major benefit of not staying in central Tokyo: an undisrupted view of nature. Their rooftop is actually a spa and will cost you ¥2,200 to get in, but with it you gain access to a sauna, infinity pool (staying guests only), lounge, gym, and jacuzzi. You can also enjoy the views from the bar and restaurant on the 11th floor or even from your own balcony.

Added bonus: On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji.

Prices start from ¥26,598. For more information and booking details, check their website.

Bonus: Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo

A green oasis on the second floor | Photo by Nohga Hotel Ueno

While technically not on the roof, we still want to highlight the lovely terraces at Nohga Hotel Ueno. There are two in the hotel: one on the first floor connected to a cafe and one on the second floor featuring a library and squishy sofas. You can relax here all day if you want. The hotel often hosts art exhibitions and so you get the added excitement of being around the artsy types.

Prices start at around ¥20,000. Book here.