Tokyo events for Monday, May 13 to Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Enjoy a bargain? This week is filled with events that don’t cost a thing — try the free museum day, cultural festivals, traditional arts, and parades.

Consider braving the crowds for the Sanja Festival in Asakusa, but if you’d like to experience traditional culture in a more calming atmosphere, we suggest the Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour.

Suggested Activity
Mount Fuji Day Trip with Private Driver
Spend a day exploring Mount Fuji and the area around it with this private, fully customizable tour - from all around Kawaguchiko Lake and up to the Mount Fuji Fifth Station.

Sanja Matsuri (Sanja Festival)

The Sanja Matsuri is known as one of the “Three Great Shinto Festivals in Tokyo” — along with the Kanda and Sanno festivals. It takes place every year over the third weekend of May. This is one of Tokyo’s rowdier festivals.

International Museum Day

To celebrate International Museum Day many museums in Tokyo — including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and the National Museum of Western Art — will have free admission. This is no secret though, so be prepared for large crowds.

Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

Come and eat mouth-watering dishes at this special festival hosted by Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum. Not only can you try local Japanese dishes like grilled eel, sushi, and soba, but you’ll also get to try foods from across the world — including dim sum, tacos, and pasta.

May Grand Sumo Tournament

Held every May, this is the third of Japan’s six annual Sumo Tournaments, known as honbasho. With sumo rankings released a few weeks before, it’s a chance to see the traditional sport up close and personal. While the fights are broadcast on NHK, nothing beats the atmosphere of the tense final matches of the day, complete with cushion-throwing and cheers.

Chimera Games

An unusual combination of extreme Japanese street sports and music, the Chimera Games is a one-of-a-kind display that will leave you lost for words. Among some more familiar sports like skateboarding and various bike-based displays, you can see some more uncommon events, such as “Double-Dutch” — which is like extreme skipping.

Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Festival

Borrowed from Kagoshima Prefecture, the Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Festival features food and delicacies from the Satsuma domain as well as a parade along Dogenzaka Dōri. The parade on Sunday will feature taiko drumming, marching troupes, and more kimono-clad traditional dancers than you can shake a stick at.

Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour

O-edo Tour turns the streets of Kagurazaka into a showcase for various traditional Japanese performing arts. A few highlights include Shinnai Nagashi, in which a pair of shamisen artists perform while weaving through the streets; zashiki asobi (or “parlor games” you play with geisha); live concerts on the streets; and a stamp rally.

Okinawa Festival

Enjoy an Orion beer while watching performances from Okinawan artists and comedians. There will also be performances of eisa — Okinawa’s unique style of traditional dancing. The Okinawa Festival showcases the food, culture, music, and crafts of Japan’s southernmost prefecture. 

Tokyo Port Festival

The Tokyo Port Festival is your chance to connect with Tokyo’s harbor. Along with seeing rare ships, there will be special exhibits, a quiz, food trucks, and more. You can also go on a wide selection of boats yourself, including water taxis and restaurant ships.

Design Festa Vol. 59: Spring Edition

Asia’s largest art event is back! Founded in 1994, Design Festa started out as a small gathering of artists hoping to create a space where anyone could express themselves, regardless of genre, profession, age, gender, or nationality. Design Festa usually sees more than 15,000 artists exhibiting over the course of two days.

Suggested Activity
PBE Tokyo - International Beauty Salon
PBE (Professional Braid Extension) Tokyo is a professional beauty salon. Available in English, Japanese and French.

Keisei Rose Garden

Step into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland at Keisei Rose Garden’s special flower-themed event. Inside the garden’s large greenhouse, there’s a magnificent rose installation, a floral tree display, and even the Queen of Hearts’ chair.

Responsible Marché Vol. 5

Responsible Marché will once again join Impact HUB Tokyo for a sprawling market focussed on sustainability. This event shines a light on the importance of ethical, social, and environmental practices. Get stuck in with activities such as swapping clothes, books, and joining workshops.

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