Cheap Hotels in Tokyo: Top Picks and Tricks

Accommodation in Tokyo ranges from budget-business to high-end luxury, and finding the right option for you can feel hard. To make things easier, here’s a top mix of Tokyo hotels, covering all the key areas.

Luckily, in Japan, most hotels are of a decent quality—clean, smart and convenient—although the rooms can often be pretty small. With options like hostels, Airbnb and traditional ryokan to compete with, hotels can seem like a pricey option, especially if you’re traveling alone, but they can be affordable if you know where to look. Having a lock on the door, no noisy roommates and enough room to stretch your arms out is definitely preferable, so we’ve made a list of some budget Tokyo hotels that will get you a good night’s sleep without the high costs.

tokyo hotels
Photo by Aleksander Pasaric used under CC

We understand that finding a hotel in Tokyo can seem like a mammoth task, with thousands to choose from. While budget can be best, it’s no use staying somewhere super-cheap if you then have to spend a small fortune getting to all the sights you want to see. If you start with a central location and decent transport connections, you can’t go too wrong, plus you probably won’t be spending much time in your room anyway.

Tokyo hotels: Which area is best?

While many of the cheaper Tokyo hotels are located in the Asakusa area, or near Narita Airport, you might have a better Tokyo experience if you are located closer to Shibuya or Shinjuku—both areas are central, offer plenty to see and do, and have great transport connections.

Alternatively, you can check which train line you’ll be on—the JR Yamanote Line is a great one, as is the Chuo—and most metro lines provide easy connections.

Shibuya: Scramble Crossing, trains and nightlife

Shibuya is a fantastic base, as it has a massive train station, the famous Scramble Crossing, and a lively hub of restaurants and bars to explore.

Hotel Suave |  Free wifi  |  From ¥11,600 per night

Located right by Ikejiri-ohashi Station, which is on the Tokyu-Denentoshi line and 20 minutes’ walk from Shibuya Station, this hotel has great connections. You can pop over to Meguro Sky Garden for the sunset and take a break between shopping and dinner without having to negotiate the trains again. Booking link.

Shibuya Creston |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥13,999 per night

Under 10 minutes from the famous crossing and Shibuya 109 building, this hotel is pretty much as close to Shibuya as you can be. It’s next to Yoyogi Park and offers bike rental, so you can explore the area at your leisure, as well as make the most of the area’s almost-weekly festivals. They offer traditional breakfasts, including a vegetarian option. Booking link.

Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya-Jingumae |  Free wifi  |  Public bath  |  From ¥14,500 per night

Photo by Dormy Inn

While it is a little further to walk, this hotel has a private sento (bath zone) and a classier feel, considering the price is still fairly low. It’s a few minutes from the Meiji-jingumae subway station and is therefore right next to Harajuku and Meiji Jingu Shrine, and you can stroll down to Shibuya Crossing and Station in around 10 minutes—so it really isn’t far at all. Booking link.

Shinjuku: Shops, trains and gardens

Along with Shibuya, Shinjuku is one of the two main hubs in Tokyo and is home to the busiest train station in the country, so you will always be able to find your way home!

E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku |  Free wifi  | 24h reception |  From ¥11,380 per night

This hotel is compact but has everything you need, including a 24-hour convenience store and self-service laundry—which is really handy if you are running low on the essentials. Next door to Higashi-Shinjuku Station, you’re only 10 minutes from Kabukicho and the rest of Shinjuku’s sights like Shinjuku Gyoen, which is 15 minutes away. Booking link.

Hotel Gracery |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥12,150 per night

tokyo hotels
Photo by Gracery Hotel used under CC

This hotel is about as central as it gets, plus there’s a friendly neighbor keeping an eye on your stuff while you’re gone! Known as “the Godzilla Hotel”, this place is located next to the Toho Cinema and has a replica monster looking into some of the rooms (although these probably cost more). They have single, non-smoking rooms available, as well as doubles and family rooms of course, and some areas are women-only. Booking link.

Asakusa – Sensoji and sightseeing

Not one of the major hubs, but home to spots like the famous Sensoji Temple and Kappabashi Dori and with good connections, Asakusa is a great base with plenty to explore.

Agora Place Asakusa |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥8,550 per night

Budget-friendly without being ‘cheap’, Agora Place has smart rooms with a clean, professional atmosphere for some of the lowest prices around. It’s 10 minutes away from Sensoji Temple and a couple of minutes from Tawaramachi Station, so it’s well connected. They offer rentable iPads and a laundry service, and breakfast for ¥980. Booking link.

Asakusa Central Hotel |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  Public bath  |  From ¥9,700 per night

With a dedicated women-only floor, bike rental, public bath and sauna, this place has all the frills of a regular hotel, without the prices. Located right between two train stations, you can explore Tokyo to your heart’s content and be outside Sensoji Temple in under 10 minutes. Booking link.

Richmond Hotel Premier International |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥10,000 per night

Sandwiched between Asakusa Station and Sensoji Temple, locations don’t get much better than this for a budget hotel. The rooms are on the spacious side of compact and offer great views of the city. There is a smart phone to use during your stay, plus laundry facilities and all the regular trimmings—including sleepwear and vending machines. Booking link.

See our dedicated Asakusa accommodation guide for more ideas.

Roppongi – Art galleries, embassies and nightlife

One for either international business or wild nightlife, Roppongi is a strange spot in Tokyo, but has plenty of great places to enjoy and lots of good food.

Act Hotel Roppongi |  Free wifi |  24h reception  |  From ¥10,300 per night

Very compact, but perfect if you don’t mind crawling across your bed to reach the other side of the room, this hotel has good rates and is smart to boot. Only 200m from Roppongi Station, you’ll have no trouble getting around Tokyo and can enjoy all the local attractions too. Booking link.

Ueno – Zoos, parks and art galleries

Perfect if you like relaxing in the park, visiting pandas and spending some time in art galleries and museums, Ueno is central, well connected and has heaps to explore.

Ueno Zoo Panda
Photo by Ari Helminen used under CC

Hotel Yamayuri |  Free wifi  |  From ¥6,400 per night

A Japanese-style business hotel, this is not a snazzy new build, but the location is great for Ueno, so it’s about priorities. You’re only three minutes from Ueno Station and right next to Ameya-Yokocho, which is a vibrant street market, not to mention Ueno Park and the art galleries nearby. We would recommend going for non-smoking rooms in older hotels like this as the smell can really permeate, but otherwise you’ll be all set and ready to see the sights first thing in the morning. Booking link.

Cotoha Hotel Okachimachi |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  Rooftop jacuzzi  |  From ¥8,500

Cotoha Hotel
Photo by Cotoha Hotel

A trendy and more interestingly decorated hotel, the rooms here are small but have a nice feel, with Japanese themes—and are definitely modern and clean. This place is handy if you have kids with you, as a child under the age of six can stay for free if using an existing bed, and the hotel is family-friendly. You’ll be able to rent the rooftop jacuzzi or enjoy the traditional bath, and the hotel is a 10-minute walk to Ueno Station and just a few minutes from Okachimachi Station. Booking link.

Sutton Place Hotel Ueno |  Free wifi |  24h reception  |  From ¥10,000 per night

The rooms are simple and smart but pretty small, although for this price and location something has to give. You’re within a minute from Ueno Station and a short stroll from the park, national museums, Ameya Yokocho market and plenty more, as well as having good travel connections. There’s a coin-operated laundry area and most bookings include a simple breakfast, as well as all the usual amenities. Booking link.

Ginza – Shops, trains and Tsukiji Fish Market

Stay in the fanciest part of Tokyo and explore the high-end shops and restaurants, as well as the nearby yokocho (entertainment alleys) and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs).

Photo by Daniel Ramirez used under CC

Tokyu Stay Ginza |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥12,000 per night

With impressively smart rooms, this is a far cry from budget decor, and the rooms are spacious by Tokyo standards. This spot is within strolling distance of the Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, and Hamarikyu Gardens, as well as all the big shopping streets. Transport-wise you’re spoiled for choice, with Ginza Station a few steps away and Tokyo Station within walking distance too—perfect if you need to be on a bullet train. Booking link.

Hotel Unizo Ginza-Nanachome |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥13,400 per night

tokyo hotels
Photo by Hotel unizo

Another spot in Ginza with all the usual necessities, this hotel is efficient and has decently-sized rooms. It’s also within walking distance of Tsukiji Fish Market, the Imperial Palace and Hamarikyu Gardens, as well as being only 500m from the famous Kabukiza Theater. You’ll be just a few minutes away from Higashi Ginza and Ginza Stations, as well as within walking distance of Tokyo Station. Booking link.

Tsukiji – Tokyo fish market and early starts

If you’re looking to hit the market super early for the tuna auction, then a nearby hotel is a must, since trains stop running around midnight.

Tokyu Stay Tsukiji |  Free wifi  |  24h reception  |  From ¥12,600 per night

Ideal for that very early start, this hotel offers spacious rooms and everything you need for a city base. You’re within walking distance of fancy Ginza and the Imperial Palace beyond that, as well as being next to the best fish market in Japan for breakfast. You’ll spot this place pretty fast with the giant fish on the outside, plus the station is just a few minutes away. Booking link.

No room at the inn? Tokyo hotel alternatives

If all the affordable rooms are filled or you just can’t hack the prices, there are some alternatives if you don’t mind compromising on space, privacy or style—but hopefully not all three!

Get social at a Tokyo hostel with private rooms

Before you scream that you’re too old/grown-up/sensible/introverted for a hostel dorm, these days plenty of them have private rooms which are cheaper than Tokyo hotels—although you might be sharing a bathroom. This is a great compromise if you want to cut costs and still enjoy sleeping in private, as rather than ¥12,000+ per night you can pay around ¥6,000¥10,000 and get a nice room. Places like Oak Hostel Zen sometimes have doubles for under ¥7,000—so keep an eye out, as they can be a good balance.

Read our guide to quirky Tokyo hostels for some fun ideas.

Stay in a Love Hotel

Tokyo love hotel amenities
Love hotels allow you to pimp your ride, as it were. | Photo by Héctor García used under CC

Seedy at first sight, Love Hotels can actually be great fun, and are bookable on regular sites as well as being walk-in. We have a full guide explaining how they work and where to find them. The bonuses can be short stays (say five hours) or themed rooms (always fun) and they’re often smart and have great room service!

Stay overnight at an internet cafe

tokyo manga cafes
Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson used under CC

If you really want to save your pennies, then staying overnight in an internet cafe is the way to go. It’s estimated there are as many as a few thousand Japanese people staying at internet cafes on a long-term basis, plus the inebriated locals who miss their last train home. With customers having their own private booth and optional shower in the morning, some internet cafes even market themselves as “competitors to hotels”. Check out our list of the cheapest and most convenient internet cafes.

We also provide an in-depth review of Karanet 24 Internet Cafe and Com Com Manga Cafe, which is near the Tsukiji fish market. Be warned though, you won’t really want to do this for more than a night, if at all, as the sleep quality isn’t great, especially if you’re tall!

Keep it minimal at a capsule hotel

tokyo hotels
Photo by inunami used under CC

Some of the smallest spaces available, capsule hotels actually offer more privacy than a hostel, but obviously a lot less space than a regular hotel, so it depends on how long you think you’ll be in your room during your trip. Although many offer spaces for women now, quite a lot are still men-only as they are geared towards salarymen, so be sure to double check. Some will also not allow you to leave your stuff in your capsule between nights, which can be inconvenient, so again, be sure to check if you’re staying a while.

Rent an apartment with Airbnb

tokyo hotels
Photo by Joseph Albanese used under CC

Perfect if you’re staying a while longer, Airbnb means you can have your own kitchen, save money on meals and enjoy some privacy too. Japanese apartments are usually compact and have everything you need, so they’re perfect for renting and often cost less than Tokyo hotels. Check out our vacation rentals section for a general idea of what’s available, and see some of the super weird and wonderful listings here.

Note that all prices above are estimates and are subject to change.

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