Cheap Hotels in Tokyo

There are basically three options for finding cheap hotels in Tokyo: The cheap, cheaper and cheapest.

Apa Hotel, Roppongi

Generally, all the hotels in Tokyo are nice enough quality, they’ll be at the very least clean and convenient. Whilst many of the cheap hotels are located in the Asakusa area, or near narita airport, you might find a better Tokyo experience if you are located closer to the Shibuya or Shinjuku area. We’ve listed a few cheapo choices below.

For those on a lower budget, there are a number of cheap hostels in Tokyo too, plus there’s capsule hotels or even staying in an internet cafe over night.

avanshell-roomsHotel Avanshell, Akasaka

In no particular order:

  • MaRRoad Inn, Akasaka

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    If you’re travelling alone and wanna go cheap, the marroad inn hotel is not bad – very basic, but clean and tidy with internet, and you can get a room for around ¥6000 per night

  • Hotel Avanshell, Akasaka

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    This is a good family option as the rooms are large and can accommodate your little ones too.

  • Apa Hotel, Roppongi

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    This is a great location if you’re interested to sample Tokyo nightlife as you’re literally “staggering distance” from many bars and clubs, and it’s a really good value option.

  • Shimane Inn, Aoyama

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    Reasonably cheap and positioned between Shibuya and Roppongi, so another great option for nightlife.

Sakura Hostel, Asakusa
For a cheapo social experience, hostels are a sure bet. Here’s the cheapo hostel picks that we have reviewed:

(Also in no particular order)

stay in an internet cafe
If you really want to save your pennies, then staying over night in an internet cafe is the way to go. It’s estimated there’s as many as a few thousand Japanese staying at internet cafes on a long term basis, plus the inebriated locals who miss their last train home. Yes with customers having their own private booth and optional shower in the morning, internet cafes even market themselves as “competitors to hotels”!

We’ve reviewed a number options. Firstly, here’s a list of the cheapest and most convenient internet cafes.

Plus here’s some detailed reviews

Alternatively, there’s a few AirBnB options they aren’t so cheap in our experience but it’s probably quite a nice way to experience the city and I imagine most hosts will give you some good tips too. And for the cheapo choice Couch Surfing has a few options too.

Also there’s some rental agencies that do short term furnished apartments, this might work out as the cheapest option for staying longer than a couple of weeks. Quality can vary, though here are some nice quality rentals available, however they won’t be much cheaper than some of the hotels listed above. Check out our podcast on cheap accommodation in Tokyo.

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