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Torigoe Matsuri

Experience one of Tokyo’s biggest summer festivals, famous for massive portable shrines being paraded through the streets.

Minakami rafting
Photo by Tomo used under CC

Minakami Outdoor Festival

If you’re in the mood for a mini escape from the city, head to Gunma Prefecture for a taste of Minakami’s outdoor adventure opportunities.

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sanno matsuri may june tokyo events
Photo by superidoljp used under CC

Sanno Matsuri

Catch another of Tokyo’s mega-festivals, which features a huge parade this Friday. Expect traditional costumes, music and much more!

Photo by Brendan used under CC

Salsa Street Festival 2018

Bust a move or two at this popular event in Ueno Park. Latin American food and drinks will be available for when you need to refuel.

The Okinawa Festival

Explore the music, culture and food of Japan’s southern islands, without having to leave Tokyo.

Photo by temaki used under CC

International Tokyo Toy Show

Play around at Japan’s biggest show for the toy trade. While Thursday and Friday are trade-only days, the event is open to the public on the weekend. Kids welcome!

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018

Sit down for a screening of one or ten of over 250 short films from around the world.

Photo by Erica Ward

Erica Ward Solo Exhibition

Get creatively existential with this display that uses pen and watercolor illustrations to ask where the individual ends and the city begins.

Netsuke Antiques
Photo by Hans Splinter used under CC

Japanese Antique Market

Browse for bargains at the monthly Ooedo Kottouichi market, and get to know a bit about Japanese crafts in the process.

Photo by Naoki Natsume/ Ishii used under CC

Bunkyo Ajisai Festival

If you like flowers, don’t miss this chance to see 10 000+ hydrangeas in their early summer glory!

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