Tokyo events for Monday, October 14 to Sunday, October 20, 2019

Typhoon Hagibis brought Tokyo to a bit of a standstill over the past weekend—with many events canceled—but this week, the metropolis is (mostly) back in business. The Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony is a charming experience for any newcomer to the city and the Kawagoe Festival is always a lively affair. Plus, there are design, food, comedy and cultural events for the picking.

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Tokyo English Book Exchange #15

Meet up with fellow bibliophiles for Tokyo Cheapo’s 15th English Book Exchange. Come with at least one book to swap, then grab a drink and mingle. Who knows what printed treasure you might find!

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Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies—or CEATEC—is a giant electronics show. An event perfect for those interested in staying ahead of the curve in the world of consumer technology.

Tokyo Roast Battle: Shanghai vs Tokyo

A comedy roast battle that pits Tokyo’s top comics against the Shanghai comedy crew for the East Asia Title in a brutal three-round main event.

Tokyo Decadance Halloween 2019

One of the biggest Halloween events of the year, Tokyo Decadence Halloween has it all: dancers, demons, stilt walkers, cyber rope acts and DJs, including the octogenarian world-record holder DJ Sumiroc.

Koto Ward Citizens Festival

Make your way to Kiba Park for an Edo-inspired festival with a throw-back to the area’s logging history. Back in those days performers would balance on floating semi-milled logs. You can see that and more (tricks on top of ladders and boxes placed on the logs) this weekend. Very impressive!

Nihonbashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Market

Takarada Ebisu Shrine will be holding its annual fair where you can graze among the 500 food and drink stalls. Try local specialty bettara-zuke, sweet and salty daikon radish pickles—a must-try for any attendee.

Kawagoe Festival

The liveliest event of the year in Koedo-Kawagoe, and definitely the liveliest event in Tokyo this weekend. There will be festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls as well as a face-off between floats while being cheered on by spectators.

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019

This is your chance to take part in a bona-fide Japanese cultural experience. This annual event welcomes both Japanese and foreigners to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony. Don’t speak the language? English ceremonies are held, but get there early to reserve a spot.

Niku Fes Tachikawa

Niku is the Japanese word for “meat”—and a lot of it is what you can expect at this festival. Meat dishes from Japan and abroad will be served up in every form imaginable: kebabs, hot dogs, steak, roast pork, xiaolongbao, and much more.

Indonesia Japan Friendship Festival

A typical Yoyogi Park cultural festival, so you know what that means: food stalls, music and dance performances, goods and more—all with an Indonesian twist. Head to the event square for all the action.

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Experience one of the craziest, most colorful places in Tokyo — the all-new Samurai Restaurant, from the creators of the Robot Restaurant. Get your tickets and sit back for a wild show of lasers, lights, samurai, dancers and other uniquely Japanese weirdness.

Design Touch 2019

Tokyo Midtown is once again holding Design Touch. The main feature is the interactive art installation in the Grass Square, but there’s plenty of art, goods, flower exhibitions and more in the vicinity—and it’s all free.

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