Tokyo events for Monday, July 17 to Sunday, July 23, 2023.

Listen to the sounds of summer: thundering fireworks, wind chimes, and taiko drums beat together from every corner of Tokyo.

The Marine Day holiday on Monday kicks off this week and that means there are still plenty of things to do leftover from the weekend. But don’t worry, the festivities continue all the way till July 23.

Suggested Activity
Tokyo NRT (Narita) and HND (Haneda) Airport Transfer Low Cost Taxi
Want a stress-free and cost-effective Tokyo airport transfer? Consider a low-cost shared taxi. After arriving at the airport, you'll be whisked away in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and dropped off right on the doorstep of your accommodation.

Adachi Fireworks Festival

The annual Adachi Fireworks Festival usually has around 15,000 fireworks scheduled to go off. Pack a picnic and find a spot along the Arakawa River — the display is visible from a variety of vantage points.

Kawasaki Daishi Fūrin-Ichi

It requires a little adventure beyond Tokyo to get to this annual festival of Japanese wind chimes (fūrin). Craftsmen from all over Japan gather in Kawasaki to display and sell thousands of these chimes, which sooth your soul as they ring in the summer breeze.

Vegan Gourmet Festival Summer 2023

Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival is a food festival dedicated to vegan cuisine and products. It is Japan’s biggest plant-based festival. Japan is known for not having the best restaurants and food options for vegans and vegetarians. But times are changing, and events like the Vegan Gourmet Festival are making it easier to eat meat-free.

Kiyose Sunflower Festival

The largest sunflower field in Tokyo will be open for the first time in four years. Around 100,000 sunflowers decorate this farmland on the outskirts of Tokyo. It is held in cooperation with local farmers, so you can also expect to find fresh vegetables and cut sunflowers to take home. There will also be performances on both Sundays during the event period.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Festival

Spend a day immersed in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends with your little ones. Held in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, this event runs for the whole of the second half of July. With a ‘world tour’ theme to the exhibit, you can watch your kids run through Asia, Africa, America, and all the way back to Thomas’ home in the UK.

Ueno Summer Festival

This festival includes a paper lantern-floating festival (July 17 ), an antique market, and various musical and dance performances. There will also be a festival atmosphere with dancing and stalls from each Friday to Sunday (3 p.m. to 9 p.m.) during the event period, as well as a big Bon Odori dance festival with competitions and parades from July 22–23 (4 p.m. to 9 p.m.).

Electroman Vol. 4

Electroman’s purpose is to give its audience access to Tokyo’s most exciting indie electronic musicians. In the shadow of the Japanese capital’s massive nightclubs lives an incredibly creative and passionate electronic music scene that Electroman aims to represent.

Handmade in Japan Festival 2023

Step into Japan’s largest creator’s festival “Handmade in Japan Fes”. Over 3000 artists from across Japan and abroad will have their creations on display. Products will be both traditional and contemporary (often a blend of the two) — from tatami products to stylish phone cases.

The Oedo Antique Market

If antique shopping is your thing, then “the largest outdoor antique market in Japan” is for you. It’s a regular event held on the first and third Sunday of each month, but this time it’s held on the Monday holiday. And yes, it really is big.

Marine Day Lantern Festival in Odaiba — last chance!

While many hit the beach and kick off the start of summer and Marine Day, Odaiba also has a special event you can enjoy. For the Marine Day Lantern Festival, volunteers set out hundreds of paper lanterns in bright, fancy designs. With the Rainbow Bridge in the background, it makes for a real Instagram-worthy sight.

Suggested Activity
Experience the Traditional Art of Kintsugi
Looking for a totally different experience? Then why not try a kintsugi class in Tokyo? Kintsugi is the revered Japanese art of repairing old pottery. In this one-hour kintsugi workshop, you'll learn the delicate art of gold repair, and create your own unique souvenir to take home. You'll even dress in samue, the outfit traditionally worn by craftsmen. ...

Nerd Nite Tokyo #51: Flying Car Blues

Do you like TED Talks? Do you want to listen to an intellectual discussion with a glass of wine or a pint of beer? Then head to Nerd Nite Tokyo for your monthly dose of wisdom — and fun!

Kuro Deko: Summer at WPÜ Hotel

The WPÜ Hotel and Berlin Party Tokyo are creating a unique experience for guests. Kuro Deko will be running their melodic synth creations, while Demsky will keep things mellow with his downtempo beats and atmospheric sounds.

Akasaka Antique Market in Ark Hills

The Ark Hills antique market is much classier compared to some of Tokyo’s usual fairs. In addition to the amazing finds you can usually dig up at a flea market, like jewelry and home goods, you can also find stylish clothing brands — a great chance to update your wardrobe.

Windmill Sunflower Garden — last chance!

Bask in the sight of over 15,000 Vincent (named after the artist!) sunflowers in full bloom under the July sunshine. Blue skies, yellow fields, and maybe even a riverboat ride make for the perfect summer at Sakura’s Windmill Sunflower Garden.

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